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Are you planning a wedding?Knowing how to make your wedding day look amazing can be a daunting prospect. Planning a wedding is a big task, which takes a lot of thought and knowing quite where, or how to start can be really stressful. We all want a wedding day that looks incredible but achieving that overall look can be really hard.I guarantee this book will give you all the information and confidence you need to make your wedding day look fabulous. Just follow my simple steps to make your whole wedding day look magical in all the right areas. This book will quickly become your go to guide for all your wedding decor needs. It is full of helpful, cost effective tips and tricks which will be savvy on your time and best of all your budget. Your guests will be wowed and you will be left with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Please note this book is a physical product that will be sent to your address by second class post. It is non refundable.

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