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Come and join us, on this once in a lifetime journey, to becoming newly weds in our very own Facebook Group. A safe space, where you can feel comfortable to ask anything.


I recognise how much strain, planning your wedding day can be. It is important to me, to make sure you guys are focused and excited about planning your weddings and not getting stressed about it all.

It is not often you plan a wedding day and it can throw up so many questions, that seem impossible to answer. You are all super busy, working people and although half the fun is doing lots of researching, it can sometimes become a bind and you can easily hit a wall. We aim to bring the answers you need straight to you, giving you a massive advantage to organising your perfect wedding day. 


The Facebook Group is titled, The Savvy Wedding Journey. I named it Savvy, because we give you loads of no nonsense hints and tips. Savvy on your time too, because planning a wedding can take up lots of time and we want you to invest that time wisely and in all the right places, so you do not waste a second. Lastly, I made it a Journey, because planning an event is just that. A journey from all your ideas and thoughts and then turning it all in to real life.

Click the link to come and join us.

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