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Come join us, on this once in a lifetime journey to becoming Newly Weds !


During Lock down, I realised just how much strain all the mayhem surrounding Weddings was putting on my Couples. It was important to me to divert their attention & make them focus on the end result of becoming Happily Married.


With this in mind “The Savvy Stylist” was created, after nearly 7 years in the Wedding industry I knew I could offer more to engaged couples than just my gorgeous Props, or Styling. I wanted to help others further afield, Nationally, or even Internationally, so that everyone can benefit from all my knowledge.


It is not often you plan a Wedding Day & it can throw up so many questions that seem impossible to answer. We learn so much, during the time of putting a Wedding together, but it is fabulous to be able to have a head start. We are all super busy & although half the fun is doing lots of researching, it can sometimes become a bind & you can easily hit a dead end. We aim to bring the answers straight to you.


I wanted all these people to not just gain from my knowledge, but from each other too. So, I made them their very own Facebook Group, titled, THE SAVVY WEDDING JOURNEY. The link is below, so you can head straight on over after you've finished reading ;)


I named it “Savvy”, because we give you loads of no nonsense Hints, Tips & Tricks on how to watch the pennies. It is also “Savvy” because you are investing in your HAPPILY EVER AFTER & we really believe that should be an important & exciting thing. It is a “Journey” because you literally start in one place & we help take you to another.


So, from Miss to Mrs, or whatever it maybe for you, I absolutely guarantee my Group will give you something valuable along the way.

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